Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine Mill

How does the Chinese Ultrafine Mill Industry achieve a corners overtaking?

“Start late, the development of fast” is a major feature of China’s Ultrafine Mill industry. Compared to many industrialized countries, the Chinese Ultrafine Mill, whether it is R & D or application are relatively late, but in a series of policy support and market demand, driven by the rapid development of China’s Ultrafine Mill industry. Since 2013, China has become the world’s largest industrial Ultrafine Mill application market, for four consecutive years reelection Ultrafine Mill sales in the world, and according to the relevant agencies predicted that the next few years, whether it is sales, technical expenses or Ultrafine Mill production , China will continue to maintain a leading position.

Achievements at the same time, a problem has always plagued the Chinese Ultrafine Mill industry, that is, low-end. Parts in the high-precision reducer, etc. rely on imports, the core technology innovation capacity is weak, the lack of industrial competitiveness has become the bottleneck of China’s Ultrafine Mill industry. From the market point of view, the Chinese Ultrafine Mill, especially industrial Ultrafine Mill is still the main low-end, domestic 90% of the Ultrafine Mill enterprises are in the crushing machine industry chain downstream link.

Ultrafine Mill is considered to be “the top of the crown of manufacturing crown,” countries do not pay attention to this, the market competition is also very intense. Domestic Ultrafine Mill in this process based on the world, from the low-end shift to high-end transformation, that is, must pass over the Hom.

How to achieve this change? To promote technological innovation and breakthrough will be the key, Ultrafine Mill key parts, service Ultrafine Mill technology should become the main direction. On the one hand, the state needs to further increase the technical expenditure, and vigorously support the innovative and technically advanced Ultrafine Mill project to promote the domestic Ultrafine Mill manufacturers breakthrough in the key technology innovation; the other hand, Ultrafine Mill manufacturers to strengthen the sense of innovation, In the Ultrafine Mill R & D, technical personnel training and other aspects of increased investment, and make full use of Ultrafine Mill industrial park R & D innovation, the standard system of centralized advantages to accelerate business innovation.

At the same time, industrial development, the current part of the industry there is disorderly expansion of enterprises, concentrated low-end situation must be reversed. The future, through product quality requirements, research and development innovation, sales and after-sales service conditions such as standardize the industry order, to avoid low-level redundant construction, and actively cultivate a number of Ultrafine Mill leading enterprises. At the same time, give full play to the role of the organization of the Ultrafine Mill industry, through the establishment of industry organizations conducive to Ultrafine Mill R & D, innovation and orderly competition in the industry rules.

In addition, we should make full use of the existing advantages. At present, China’s rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence has aroused great concern of the international community, experts generally believe that China is only one step away from the United States. We should make full use of the development of Ultrafine Mill technology to promote a new generation of Ultrafine Mill technology to achieve a breakthrough, to speed up the realization of intelligent Ultrafine Mill innovative applications.

It should be noted that the “thirteenth Five” period is a critical period for the development of China’s Ultrafine Mill industry. Demand, both industrial and service industries on the Ultrafine Mill demand is a rapid development trend; supply, the international Ultrafine Mill industry development trend has been formed, the international Ultrafine Mill giants are also accelerating to seize the market. In this context, the domestic Ultrafine Mill, such as fully able to practice the internal strength, while actively seeking cooperation to speed up the upgrading of their own technical level, domestic Ultrafine Mill and emboldened with the industry’s international giants “breaking the wrist” and in the global Ultrafine Mill industry A firm foothold.

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