SCM Ultrafine Mill

SCM Ultrafine Mill

China Scm Ultrafine Mill Industry Need To Break The Inertia

With the development of the times, China’s SCM Ultrafine Mill industry is also changing. Today, intelligent manufacturing, promote green design, the development of green manufacturing, SCM Ultrafine Mill industry transformation and upgrading of enterprises, has become China’s SCM Ultrafine Mill industry in the development of an important issue.

Last year, the State Council issued the “Made in China 2025”, around the realization of the strategic goal of manufacturing power, clear the nine strategic tasks and priorities to improve the national manufacturing innovation capacity, strengthen the SCM Ultrafine Mill industry base capacity, strengthen the quality of brand building, Manufacturing and so on in its column.

Change the arrow on the string. But the national SCM Ultrafine Mill industry software and advanced design research institute executive vice president Tian Feng recently in an exclusive interview with reporters expressed their concerns: “China’s largest SCM Ultrafine Mill industry advantage is our industry, but the whole industry is very inertia Hard to break.

What is inertia? “Now the status quo is the industry to do a lot of the entire production line and other aspects of the investment a lot, if there is new technology to join, the existing market will be subversive.” Tian Feng further analysis, a city and the whole industry chain are prevalent Inertia. If a link in a chain of industry disappeared, the upstream and downstream links will be subversive, and even lead to the collapse of the entire industry chain, so the entire industry chain will “protect” their own new technology is not broken, this is the inertia of the industry.

However, the firmness of this SCM Ultrafine Mill industry chain may affect the speed of innovation in our country and the speed at which society accepts innovation.

In his view, the current SCM Ultrafine Mill industry transformation and upgrading of the biggest problem is short-sighted behavior. “China ‘s enterprises like rabbits, often turned a few somersault and returned to the origin of the SCM Ultrafine Mill industry transformation and upgrading of enterprises is not overnight, the transformation needs to be lonely, long – term accumulation, from quantitative to qualitative change process.

To require a large number of innovative support for intelligent manufacturing, for example, Tian Feng that intelligent manufacturing first SCM Ultrafine Mill industry strong base, the entire intelligent manufacturing system design, SCM Ultrafine Mill industry strong base to be 85%. “If you just shout slogans, rather than honestly lay the foundation, smart manufacturing is actually no core at all.”

In the green design and green manufacturing, Tian Feng said that China’s SCM Ultrafine Mill industry, especially the green industry, the volume is very large, but very backward, not green, SCM Ultrafine Mill industry, the field of innovation and development by the industry inertia constraints.

He suggested that the company should be 20% of the capable technology, can do the product, can do the backbone of the staff together, they are green design and manufacturing core strength. Business managers to actively guide, so that they detours, so as to promote China’s SCM Ultrafine Mill industry green industrial development.

“If the SCM Ultrafine Mill industry can break through inertia, Accumulate, China’s GDP will have a rapid increase.” Tian Feng called.

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