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Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill Industry To Pick Up

Raymond Mill industry in the past few years continued to slump, the Chinese Raymond Mill tool market demand has changed significantly, the total demand significantly reduced demand structure to accelerate the upgrading of the new features of the market more obvious. Crushing machine demand began to upgrade the structure, improve their own development has become the focus of the enterprise.

Raymond Mill Industry Out Of The Quagmire, The Direction Turn For The Better

A few years ago, the global Raymond Mill industry in the trough, the domestic Raymond Mill industry shows the industry in the imitation stage, the key core technology hollow, deep in the low-end market mud, the lack of high-end CNC Raymond Mill industry four characteristics. It is understood that due to defense, aviation, and mold and other important equipment manufacturing industry demand for a substantial increase, will promote China’s CNC Raymond Mill production continues to grow. In recent years, China’s CNC Raymond Mill industry, the total assets of the data and China’s economic growth data, in accordance with the linear regression forecast method, the initial estimate of 2020 China’s CNC Raymond Mill industry, the scale of assets will reach 270 billion yuan. It can be inferred that the Raymond Mill industry has been gradually showing signs of warming.

Industry professionals said that in the low-end to the production capacity, high-end data Raymond Mill instead of imported CNC Raymond Mill, deep into the Raymond Mill consumer market, the domestic Raymond Mill industry breakthrough three key path. The importance of Raymond Mill equipment in the “Made in China 2025” and technical road map has been fully reflected in the high-end CNC Raymond Mill in the manufacturing strategy was identified as one of the ten key breakthrough areas, and the other nine areas of the breakthrough Rely on Raymond Mill equipment can take the lead in stronger. Raymond Mill industry must be out of a breakthrough road.

Opportunities And Challenges Coexist, Raymond Mill Business How To Foothold?

“Low-end melee, high-end fall” is the embarrassing situation of China’s Raymond Mill industry, in recent years in the country a series of policy measures to support the Raymond Mill enterprises in the high-end areas struggling to catch up. When the individual needs, mass customization and high-end manufacturing become a strong demand for the mainstream market, the Raymond Mill business for the new supply targets, but also provides opportunities for development. Challenges and opportunities coexist in the market, forcing Raymond Mill enterprises must take the initiative to speed up technological innovation and key technological breakthroughs.

First of all, in the low-end to promote the production capacity depends on the enterprise, local government and the country’s co-operation, need to deal with personnel placement issues, increase high-end production capacity of capital and R & D investment. In the low-end overcapacity of the period, do differentiated sales strategy is very important. For example: Raymond Mill can bring their own diagnostic system to intelligently diagnose all Raymond Mill sub-health state, through the intelligent prediction of small failure to allow users to worry about, very fit the needs of the customer’s market. Only to really help customers reduce costs, more flexible production capacity, customers feel that the future.

Second, the high-end CNC Raymond Mill instead of imports is the largest domestic Raymond Mill at this stage the biggest goals and opportunities. For example, the imported spindle price is high, long lead times, due to improper handling of wear and other reasons leading to failure but difficult to repair. So the domestic product once the technology upgrade can replace imported products and a wide space. At present, some domestic Raymond Mill enterprises already have a certain high-end CNC Raymond Mill technology accumulation and production and processing technology, short board is in the processing accuracy, product stability and foreign gap. If the solution to the industrialization of high-end CNC Raymond Mill, the gap between Chinese manufacturing and German industry 4.0 will be significantly reduced.

Raymond Mill Parameter

Raymond Mill Parameter

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