Used Portable Milling Machine

Used Portable Milling Machine

Triple Innovation and China Used Portable Milling Machine Industry Development

In our country Used Portable Ore Milling Equipment industry is from the production to the service-oriented, from the low end of the value chain to the high-end value chain, from the manufacturing power to the manufacturing power, from China to create a transition to China this critical period to mention “artisan spirit “Not only to restart in the large-scale, high-speed, no difference in the era of mechanized production gradually lack of excellence, rigorous and meticulous, adhere to the traditional” artisan spirit “, but also to keep pace with the” artisan spirit “innovative connotation , Only the great artisans continue to innovate, Used Portable Milling Machine industry to adapt to the current supply, the demand for the new normal, to meet the increasingly personalized consumer, diversified, high-level needs.

To artisan technology, craftsmen and craftsmen culture triple innovation as the starting point, “artisan spirit” from the illusory spirit level to promote the real level of manufacturing in China. In the “artisan spirit”, the triple innovation is also a progressive relationship, “artisan spirit” from the culture, growth in the system, settled in the artisan technology, and manufacturing products is the material carrier of artisan technology, and artisan system and culture Compared to the artisans technology is to reflect the “artisan spirit” of the most superficial factors, the general “artisan spirit” is the lack of direct performance of technological innovation is not enough, but the deeper reason is that the artisan system and the lack of artisan culture, “Artisan spirit” in itself means technological innovation, but the cultivation of “artisan spirit” requires more from the system and cultural innovation to start. In the early stages of the development of the Used Portable Milling Machine industry, the role of technological progress was significant, but with the Used Portable Milling Machine industry moving towards high-end and mature manufacturing technology, the system and culture were becoming more and more popular in terms of the relationship between triple innovation and Chinese Used Portable Milling Machine industry. The role of highlight, “artisan spirit” the importance of more and more obvious. Therefore, at this stage in the Used Portable Milling Machine industry transformation and upgrading of the new era of “artisan spirit” need to establish and improve the two systems.

First, a series of system design, construction of “artisan spirit” to develop the system. First of all to speed up the construction of new political and business relations, so that Used Portable Milling Machine manufacturers return to the beginning to consumer demand-oriented products and services; second as soon as possible to improve China’s vocational education system, change the vocational education is the status of the supplementary system; To build a conducive to the “artisan spirit” of the formation of the legal system, the standard system, strict supervision and regulation of the order of the market operation; Finally, to strengthen the effective incentive mechanism, so that craftsmen really feel “worth. Second, in the community firmly establish the “artisan spirit” gave birth to the cultural value system. First of all to establish a reasonable talent evaluation mechanism to improve the social status of artisans groups; secondly to build support “artisan spirit” management culture, in the enterprise management to cultivate serious and serious craftsmen habits; third to encourage consumers to pursue ” The United States “” goods “” on “the consumer culture, forcing enterprises to form a” artisan spirit. “

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