Mineral Grinding Machine Made In Thailand

Mineral Grinding Machine Made In Thailand

Mineral Grinding Machine operation

Mineral Grinding Machine is a common grinding and production Mineral Grinding Machine. Its grinding principle is to use the friction of material and steel ball and the rotating form of the drum to promote the material to the ideal grain size standard, so as to facilitate the subsequent beneficiation process. Operations such as grading and flotation. Shibang Industrial Technology Group stated that as long as it has mastered the “high concentration, large returning sand, and all-feeding”, the nine-character secret can be achieved as an ideal grinding effect. Only master the Mineral Grinding Machine operating specifications, to ensure that the Mineral Grinding Machine has been working under good working conditions.

First, driving method

  • 1. Before the operation, it is necessary to check the items according to the inspection contents one by one, and confirm that there is no fault before you can prepare for driving.
  • 2. First start the oil pump, check the oil flow condition of the lubrication point and the indication of the lubrication system is normal (whether the front and rear large tiles are oiled, whether the oil quantity is normal).
  • 3. After the lubrication system is normal, check whether there is any blockage in the car (normally, the steel ball flips and the Mineral Grinding Machine rotates left and right).
  • 4. The on-duty staff contacted the full-time dispatcher, and the dispatcher contacted the substation to send power.
  • 5. Put in the thyristor excitation regulator, adjust to voltage 50V, current 100A.
  • 6. The post personnel strictly confirm that “Allow the start” signal to be activated.
  • 7. Confirm that “Allow the start” signal, move the control switch on the control box to the “Close” position to start the Mineral Grinding Machine.
  • Second, the parking method

    • 1. Before stopping the Mineral Grinding Machine, stop the mine and close the water gate.
    • 2. After the ore is processed in the standby, it can be stopped.
    • 3. After the ore processing in the machine is completed, move the control handle on the control box to the “opening” position and notify the dispatcher that the dispatcher informs the substation of the power outage.
    • 4. Stop the oil pump after the Mineral Grinding Machine stops running.
    • 5. Stop the thyristor excitation device.

    Proper operation is a prerequisite for efficient production, and it also effectively extends the life of Mineral Grinding Machines. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a detailed understanding of the “safe operation of Mineral Grinding Machine safety operation”, I hope to help everyone. Shibang Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Mineral Grinding Machines. It has a high reputation in the industry and is called the industry. If you have any questions about Mineral Grinding Machines, you are welcome to consult our online technicians. We will be happy to help you.

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