Grinding Mills In South Africa

Grinding Mills In South Africa

Marble Grinding Mill


Introduction to marble

Marble has the characteristics of no deformation, non-magnetization, high hardness and long service life. It can be processed into various plates and shapes; it can be used as the floor and wall of buildings; it can be carved into arts and crafts and utensils. Etc.; can produce sand and gravel aggregates; also can be used in the fields of paint, plastics, rubber, etc. Because of the good quality of the stone in Dali, it is named after it.

Yunnan is a land of marble, with a large number of stone processing manufacturers, and many powder production lines can be seen in Dali. Because the block of marble is processed into handicrafts, there will be a lot of corners and scraps left. Many customers have asked to grind them into powders with a particle size of about 200 mesh for use in stone production. So what Grinding Mill is used for marble powder processing? Shibang Xiaobian introduces you.

Marble pulverized equipment —— Grinding Mill

What equipment is used for marble grinding? Introducing you to Shibang Industrial Technology Group’s introduction of international innovation concept, combined with years of experience in the design of Grinding Mill, the equipment can be seen everywhere in Yunnan marble mill processing plant, more than 70% of users use this equipment, because of its advanced structure The performance advantage is outstanding.

1, structural characteristics

The Grinding Mill structure designed by our company mainly consists of main engine, analyzer, fan, finished cyclone separator, fine powder cyclone separator and air duct. Among them, the main body is composed of a frame, an inlet volute, a blade, a grinding roller, a grinding ring and a cover. In addition, the company will also provide equipped with jaw crushers, bucket elevators, electromagnetic vibrating feeders, dust collectors and other equipment.

2, performance advantages

  • 1, Low cost: three-dimensional design, high degree of automation, strong system, small floor space, simple installation and operation, saving about 40% of capital, labor, and site costs;
  • 2, Safer: The design of the explosion-proof system avoids the occurrence of dust explosion accidents caused by improper operation, high moisture content of materials, aging of equipment, etc., and the safety is up to 100%;
  • 3, More efficient: high efficiency, large output, equipment capacity increase of 2-3 times, and the finished marble powder has uniform texture and good quality, meeting the needs of more processing manufacturers;
  • 4, Lower carbon: It effectively eliminates dust, noise and other pollution during the operation of the equipment, and saves electricity and fuel-saving ability, saving more than 60% of energy consumption every year.

Marble grinding process

The marble grinding production line process is relatively simple, and can be summarized in six words: “broken, milled, powdered”. First, the marble scrap is initially crushed by the jaw crusher and lifted from the bottom up to the silo by the bucket elevator; next, it is transported to the Grinding Mill evenly and quantitatively by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. Grinding treatment; after the analysis machine and the fan work together to classify the marble powder reasonably, the fine powder that meets the conditions enters the finished silo through the conveying pipeline, and then can be uniformly packaged by the loading tanker.

What Grinding Mill is used for marble powder processing? Of course, it is a Grinding Mill produced by Shibang Industrial Technology Group. The supplier has mature technology and mature technology. The equipment is advanced in structure, high in quality, reliable in quality and affordable. At the same time, technical engineers design a scientific production line for you. For you to create greater profits, welcome to consult and buy!

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