Feldspar Milling Plant

Feldspar Milling Plant

Japanese Feldspar Milling Plant Won Praise In The World

The performance of the Feldspar Milling Plant greatly affects the competitiveness of the product and has a significant impact on the overall industrial strength of the host country. Therefore, the Feldspar Milling Plant industry by all countries as the basic equipment industry, for industrial development has made tremendous contributions. Japanese Feldspar Milling Plant with its high quality and excellent reliability in the world to win the enviable reputation.

From the Japanese point of view, the world Feldspar Milling Plant market is still in recession. However, in September 2016, the United States held in Chicago, the International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition is showing a busy scene, despite the weak investment in equipment during this period, but the number of visitors to participate in IMTS reached a record high.

According to the Japan Feldspar Milling Plant Manufacturers Association, the order amount of the Feldspar Milling Plant continued to decline over the past two years since the total sales order of the Japanese Feldspar Milling Plant reached a peak of 1.5093 trillion yen in 2014. Feldspar Milling Plant industry is a cyclical industry, for example, about every three years will be repeated ups and downs. Once the industry completely fell into the bottom, the final will be on the rise.

Japan Feldspar Milling Plant industry has a regular event. In January each year, the chairman of the Japan Feldspar Milling Plant Manufacturers Association will announce the target sales during the New Year celebration. Chairman Hanaki Yoshimaro announced this year’s target sales of 1.550 trillion yen, which is the second largest goal in the history of the association, so that the participants were surprised, because this goal will be difficult to achieve. 2015 target sales are 1.550 trillion yen. Sales in the first half of last year showed an upward trend, but in the mid-year trend to reverse, the final sales in 2015 was 1.4805 trillion yen. The figure is the second highest level in the history of the Association, but this is the first time in the past two years to decline.

Nevertheless, it is not time to be pessimistic. If the annual sales reached 1.300 trillion yen, then the monthly sales will exceed the strong sales threshold of 100 billion yen. This level is good. In Japan and the United States, Feldspar Milling Plant sales are very strong. Although the size of the Feldspar Milling Plant market is still small, but still no doubt that the growth trend. Based on the cyclical trend of the industry, sales in 2018 may show a cyclical growth trend. Especially when the world economy is chaotic, it is important to actively consider the equipment investment, and to prepare for it.

Throughout history, the progress of the Japanese Feldspar Milling Plant industry is significant, especially the Japanese Feldspar Milling Plant manufacturers on the application of numerical control technology has shown a strong interest in the early twentieth century, the early fifties, the United States to develop the technology The As Japan introduced the technology, Japan quickly realized the further development of the technology. As of the twentieth century, the seventies, the world market has begun to appreciate the performance of Japanese Feldspar Milling Plant. Due to the growing tide of the Feldspar Milling Plant, in 1982, Japan became the world leader in Feldspar Milling Plant production, although the market was still dominated by the United States. After Japan, Japan has maintained a leading position in the field of Feldspar Milling Plants, resisting the impact and distortion of history, including the end of the Cold War between East and West, the collapse of the Japanese economic bubble and the reorganization of the global automotive industry. In keeping with the trend of global globalization, Japan has fulfilled its responsibilities and provided high-performance Feldspar Milling Plants for the world’s manufacturing industry.

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