Coal Mill In Power Plant

Coal Mill In Power Plant

Technical innovation of Coal Mill In Power Plant system

CNC system is the Coal Mill In Power Plant “brain”, is to determine the Coal Mill In Power Plant function, performance, reliability, cost and price of the key factors, but also restricts the bottleneck of China’s Coal Mill In Power Plant industry. And the foundation is weak, “lack of heart” has been “Made in China” short board. CNC system, servo motor, servo drive is the most important key components of manufacturing equipment. Lu Bingheng said, “to achieve ‘China’ s manufacturing 2025 ‘goal, the formation of’ China – made ‘core competitiveness, inseparable from the numerical control system, including servo – driven, servo motor and other key technology innovation.

After eight years of continuous research, China’s Coal Mill In Power Plant field breakthrough in a number of key core technology, crack a number of “card neck” problem, has for nuclear power, large aircraft and other major national projects and new fighters, rockets and a number of national key projects The key manufacturing equipment, some products reached the international advanced level and enter the developed countries market.

Coal Mill In Power Plant special deployment of the implementation of the whole industry chain layout, domestic CNC system to achieve some of the original technology beyond. Enterprises have mastered the hardware and software platform design and mass production technology of CNC system, and reached the technical level of international mainstream products in key technical indexes such as multi-channel, multi-axis linkage and high-speed interpolation. To 2016, Coal Mill In Power Plant special support R & D of high-end CNC system has accumulated more than 1,000 sets of sales, the domestic market share b

y the special start before the lack of 1% to 5%.

The main technical indicators of high-grade CNC system has basically reached the international level, the domestic market share from less than 1% to 5%, successfully achieved in the aerospace and other areas of the bulk demonstration applications, to safeguard China’s national defense information security is of great significance.

Mid-range CNC system to achieve mass production, the domestic market share increased from 10% to 25%. Formed three industrial production base, special support of the NC system has achieved sales of nearly 4 billion yuan. Ball screw, rail, power tool holder and other key features in precision, reliability and other key indicators are close to the international advanced level. Among them, the rolling parts in the high-end Coal Mill In Power Plant market share from about 5% to 20%, forcing imported products to cut prices by 20% to 50%.

With high standards, but also need to have high-quality products. Although China’s high-grade Coal Mill In Power Plant development has made great progress, but also faced with gaps and risks. According to Luo Junjie, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Equipment Industry, the next step will focus on crushing machine reliability and precision retention technology, increase application validation and demonstration to meet the new national strategy needs for the full implementation of “Made in China 2025” Provide support. Pay close attention to the development of intelligent, network trends, around the Coal Mill In Power Plant industry, the whole industry chain layout, continue to focus on aerospace, automotive two key service areas, build Coal Mill In Power Plant industry and military, automotive and other key areas of production and demand docking platform, Qi large equipment short board, to promote the strategic transformation and upgrading of manufacturing.

Luo Junjie said, but also to further explore the Coal Mill In Power Plant industry common technology research long-term mechanism, reinforce the technical research and high-end talent base, continue to increase the implementation of special equipment manufacturing process validation and user field demonstration applications, optimize product performance, Improve reliability, complete sets of process and intelligent level.

At present, China’s Coal Mill In Power Plant industry, “aircraft carrier” has been tested before the water, if time, China’s Coal Mill In Power Plant industry in the global economy in the tide of globalization in the wind and waves.

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