Coal Grinding Mill For Cement Plant

Coal Grinding Mill For Cement Plant

Coal Grinding Mill

Coal Grinding Mill process

1. The raw coal is sieved from the raw coal yard through the grid screen and then dropped onto the belt conveyor. After the iron remover is removed by the electromagnetic separator, the belt conveyor feeds the raw coal into the original coal bin for storage.

2. After the powder preparation system has been started, open the rod valve at the bottom of the original coal bunker, start the sealed metering tape to the Coal Grinding Mill, and the raw coal enters the Coal Grinding Mill for drying and grinding.

3. The hot air from the hot blast stove or the waste gas from the cement production line enters the Coal Grinding Mill under the extraction of the system fan, and after the heat exchange with the ground coal that is ground in the mill, the pulverized coal is taken at the separator. Sorting, the fine coal powder with unqualified fineness falls to the grinding disc for grinding, and the qualified coal powder is collected into the explosion-proof gas box pulse dust collector with the airflow, and is discharged into the coal powder bin through the dividing wheel.

4. The sundries in the raw coal, such as some coal gangue, metal blocks, etc., are discharged through the wind ring and the spit slag.

The Coal Grinding Mill uses a grinding roller to directly grind the grinding material on the grinding disc. The grinding efficiency is high, the energy consumption is small, the system power consumption is only 18~22 kWh/t, and the output is guaranteed.

The Coal Grinding Mill adopts advanced dynamic and static combined separator. The separator has high classification efficiency and large adjustment room. The fineness of powder selection can reach below 3% of 0,08mm sieve, which can meet most of the poor quality coal in cement production line or Fineness requirements for anthracite grinding.

As a professional Coal Grinding Mill manufacturer, SBM pays more attention to the environmental protection of Coal Grinding Mills. SBM Coal Grinding Mill adopts advanced grinding method, which saves energy consumption by 30%~40% compared with ball mill. The whole system is under negative pressure. There is no dust spill and low noise in the production process. It is a green and environmentally friendly coal grinding equipment.

SBM has strong processing, casting capacity, specialization and mass production advantages, so that our company can control the delivery and installation schedule of Coal Grinding Mill within 4 months under the premise of ensuring product quality.

The Coal Grinding Mill can make the fineness of the finished product up to 80μmR3%, and meet the production demand of 5~70t when the customer is in production. The product specifications are complete and fully meet the market demand of Shanxi coal powder Coal Grinding Mill. Shanxi pulverized coal Coal Grinding Mill chooses SBM, and the selection is successful!

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