Coal Grinding Equipment For Sale In South Africa

Coal Grinding Equipment For Sale In South Africa

Coal Grinding Equipment


Coal Grinding Equipment is an efficient milling equipment. It is widely used in chemical industry and construction. The materials used for grinding are barite, potassium feldspar, marble, limestone, fluorite, kaolin. Bluestone and so on, the current comprehensive utilization rate in the market is very high. This paper introduces the structural characteristics and maintenance plan of the Coal Grinding Equipment.

Coal Grinding Equipment structural features

  • 1. The equipment adopts vertical structure, which is small in size, light in weight and naturally reduced in floor space.
  • 2, the complete set of performance is very strong, from the block material to the finished product can be independent of a system, without the need for other equipment;
  • 3. The finished product obtained by grinding is very fine, and the fineness is uniform and the screening efficiency is also high, which is not possessed by other milling equipment;
  • 4. The sealing performance is good. The main gear transmission adopts the closed gear box and pulley, which makes the transmission of the equipment stable and the operation is more reliable.
  • 5. The important parts are made of high-quality steel. The wear parts are made of wear-resistant materials, which improves the wear resistance of the whole machine and makes the operation more reliable.
  • 6, the degree of automation is high, the electrical system centralized control ability is very strong, basically can achieve unmanned operation, maintenance is more convenient.

Coal Grinding Equipment maintenance plan

  • 1. During the use process, there should be fixed personnel responsible for the supervision, and the operators must have a certain level of technology. Before the equipment is installed, the operator should be provided with the necessary technical training to understand the performance of the Coal Grinding Equipment and familiar with the operating procedures;
  • 2. In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, a safe operation system for equipment maintenance shall be established to ensure the long-term safe operation of the equipment, and necessary maintenance tools and greases and corresponding accessories shall be provided;
  • 3, use a section
  • 4, Coal Grinding Equipment grinding roller use
  • 5, the choice of bearing grease must be correct, and regularly lubricate it;
  • 6. Grinding roller bearings are refueled once per shift. The main engine center bearings are added once every four shifts. The blower bearings are added once a month. The bearing room temperature rise must not exceed 70 degrees. If the bearing is overheated, the cause should be promptly identified.

The above describes the structural characteristics and maintenance scheme of the Coal Grinding Equipment in detail. If the user wants to extend the service life of the equipment, it is essential for the maintenance of the equipment. For more information about the Coal Grinding Equipment, please consult.

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