Clinker Grinding Unit Project Report

Clinker Grinding Unit Project Report

Clinker Grinding Unit operation


In the production process of the Clinker Grinding Unit, the operator must follow the common knowledge of the Clinker Grinding Unit operation, correctly operate and maintain the equipment, and prolong the service life of the equipment. This paper mainly introduces the three elements of the Clinker Grinding Unit production.


First, pay attention before starting


Before starting the Clinker Grinding Unit, it should be fully checked whether the connection is intact, whether the oil is sufficient, whether the belt is tight or not, the direction of rotation of the horizontal shaft, and whether the air in the hydraulic line of the discharge port is exhausted. In order to fully lubricate the Clinker Grinding Unit bearing, if the temperature of the lubricating oil is too low, the heater must be started to heat the lubricating oil. The temperature of the returning pipe must be at least 17 °C to start the Clinker Grinding Unit. Before the new Clinker Grinding Unit is started for the first time, the temperature of the return pipe is at least 30 ° C and it is operated for 2 h under no load.


Second, the production operation parameter adjustment


In order to produce qualified stone materials, it is necessary to adjust and check the discharge port size of the Clinker Grinding Unit several times, and at the same time ensure that the various particle components of the stone meet the requirements and ensure the continuous production capacity of the equipment. After many adjustments and test tests, the final size of the discharge port of the Clinker Grinding Unit was determined. As the production continues, the wear of the lining plate continues to increase, and the size of the discharge opening gradually increases. This requires recording according to the random test of the day and adjusting the size of the discharge opening accordingly, and as the next replacement. The basis for the adjustment of the new liner.


Third, the lubrication of the equipment


Before the Clinker Grinding Unit works, it is necessary to inject a proper amount of grease between the thrust plate and the adjusting seat. After idling for a period of time, check whether the working current and voltage are normal and whether the equipment has abnormal noise, and then transport the stone for crushing work. Lubricating oil should be replaced every 3-6 months. When changing oil, clean gasoline or kerosene should be used to clean the raceway of the roller bearing, so that the bearing can be fully lubricated under heavy load and high temperature, and the life of the Clinker Grinding Unit bearing can be extended.

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