Cement Grinding Unit

Cement Grinding Unit

Ten Work To Achieve The Initial Transformation Of Cement Grinding Unit Industry

“Planning” that 2025 years ago, to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing Cement Ore Milling Equipment “two-step” strategy: the first step, by 2020, Cement Grinding Unit intelligent manufacturing development base and support capacity was significantly enhanced, the traditional Cement Grinding Unit industry key areas of basic The second step, to 2025, Cement Grinding Unit intelligent manufacturing support system is basically established, focusing on the initial realization of intelligent transformation of the industry.

Yang Shunchang pointed out that during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, China will synchronize the implementation of digital manufacturing popularization, intelligent manufacturing demonstration lead to build a new manufacturing system as the goal to implement the Cement Grinding Unit intelligent manufacturing project as an important direction, focus on upgrading the key technology and equipment Capacity, and strive to enhance the basic support capacity, efforts to enhance the level of integrated application, focus on cultivating new models, and strive to create a favorable environment for the development of new economic growth momentum, to build China’s Cement Grinding Unit industry competitive new advantages, building a strong foundation for building power.

Yang Shunchang said that the three digital goals is better to remember that the digital workshop, intelligent factory penetration rate will be more than 20%, cultivate more than 40 have a strong competitive system solutions provider, the preparation and revision of intelligent manufacturing standards of more than 200 The

The next five years, China’s Cement Grinding Unit industry needs to focus on promoting the following ten work:

  • First, to speed up the development of intelligent manufacturing Cement Grinding Unit, to overcome key technology and equipment, improve quality and reliability, and promote the integration of applications in key areas.
  • The second is to strengthen the key common technical innovation, breaking a number of key common technology, layout and accumulation of a number of core intellectual property rights.
  • Third, the construction of intelligent manufacturing standard system, to carry out standard research and test validation, speed up the standard system revision and promotion and application.
  • Fourth, to build the basis of industrial Internet, research and development of new industrial network equipment and systems, information security hardware and software products, build a test verification platform, establish and improve the risk assessment, inspection and information sharing mechanism.
  • Five is to increase the Cement Grinding Unit intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration and promotion efforts to carry out a new model of intelligent manufacturing demonstration, the selection of intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, and constantly sum up experience and model in the relevant industry transplantation, promotion.
  • Six is ​​to promote the key areas of intelligent transformation, in the “Made in China 2025” ten key areas of pilot building digital workshop, in the traditional Cement Grinding Unit industry to promote the use of digital technology, system integration technology, intelligent manufacturing equipment.
  • Seven is to promote the intelligent transformation of small and medium enterprises to guide small and medium-sized Cement Grinding Unit suppliers to promote automation, construction of cloud manufacturing platform and service platform.
  • Eight is to cultivate intelligent manufacturing ecological system, to speed up the cultivation of a number of system solutions provider, vigorously develop the leading enterprise groups, do a lot of excellent expertise and special supporting enterprises.
  • Nine is to promote the regional intelligent manufacturing collaborative development, to promote the Cement Grinding Unit intelligent manufacturing equipment industry cluster construction, strengthen the Internet-based inter-regional intelligent manufacturing resources collaboration.
  • Ten is to create a Cement Grinding Unit intelligent manufacturing talent team, improve the personnel training mechanism, strengthen the intelligent manufacturing personnel training, building intelligent manufacturing training base, build a multi-level talent team.

Yang Shunchang finally said that the promotion of Cement Grinding Unit intelligent manufacturing long way to go, we need to work together to fully mobilize the entrepreneurial power to solid effect to promote the Cement Grinding Unit to accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing, to promote the Cement Grinding Unit industry to achieve from big to strong, Make a new and greater contribution.

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