Portable Concrete Crusher Sale In Dubai

Portable Concrete Crusher Sale In Dubai

Daily maintenance of Portable Concrete Crusher

The Portable Concrete Crusher is a new generation of products in the mining and construction industry today, and is an ideal equipment for large stone plants and mining crushing. The utility model has the advantages of hydraulic protection and hydraulic clearing chamber, high degree of automation, excellent granular shape of the finished product, less consumption of wearing parts, reliable operation and low operating cost.

In recent years, with the rapid development of society, Portable Concrete Crushers are constantly improving their crushing performance. However, even the best machines should be maintained and maintained frequently in order to make the machine more efficient.

For example, some Portable Concrete Crushers may have excessive dust due to the use environment, and the operator does not pay much attention to the maintenance work of the crusher. There are many problems in the operation. Therefore, to prevent machine failure, we must first do the daily maintenance work of the crusher. Of course, the Portable Concrete Crusher is no exception. What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the Portable Concrete Crusher? Next, Shanghai Shibang Portable Concrete Crusher supplier will introduce you in detail:

First, it is a de-ironing device. It is also said that the Portable Concrete Crusher should have a de-ironing device. This can prevent excessive iron in the crushing chamber. If the machine frequently crosses the iron, the shaft will break.

Second, the Portable Concrete Crusher should always check the pressure of the locking system and the working condition of the hydraulic station, and deal with the problem in time.

Third, the replacement of Portable Concrete Crusher motorized shovel. The Portable Concrete Crusher motorized shovel is fixed on the conical body with a conical head. The zinc alloy is cast between the two. After 6-8 hours of new or newly replaced conical shovel, the fastening condition should be checked and found to be loose. Fasten immediately.

Fourth, to evenly feed, this is related to the technical problems of the operators. The uniform feeding of the Portable Concrete Crusher can increase the production capacity of the machine. If there is a phenomenon of uneven feeding, the product size will be too large. After the Portable Concrete Crusher has been running for a certain period of time, the equipment can be properly inspected and repaired, so that the Portable Concrete Crusher will always be in a better running state, so that better production capacity and quality finished products can be obtained. quality.

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