Hydraulic Cone Crusher In Stone Production Line

Hydraulic Cone Crusher In Stone Production Line

Analysis of feeding mode of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The Hydraulic Cone Crusher is another important breakthrough in the integration of the American technology on the principle of material layer breaking and static pressure theory based on the traditional crushing equipment. It provides unmatched crushing performance in a variety of medium, fine and ultra-fine operations. It is a new generation of products in the mining and construction industry today, and is an ideal equipment for large stone factories and mining crushing.

The Hydraulic Cone Crusher and the general crusher are different on a similar basis. In addition to hydraulics, which is a major operational feature of the equipment, the feeding method of full warehouse feeding is also a major feature. Let us analyze the Hydraulic Cone Crusher type. The feeding method of the unique full warehouse feed of the crusher:

The feeding method of full warehouse feeding is determined by the working principle.

The Hydraulic Cone Crusher is composed of two parts: the moving vertebra and the fixed cone. The equipment adopts a unique “Laminating and Fragmentation”, “The Intergranular Lamination and Breaking” principle, which is designed by using the principle of intergranular lamination. The special crushing chamber and the matching speed can replace the traditional single-particle crushing principle to achieve selective crushing of the material, making the grain size more uniform and the granular shape is cubic.

It is worth noting here that many people mistakenly believe that the feed of the Hydraulic Cone Crusher is the full position of the upper feeding space. In fact, the full feedstock here is filled with crushing chambers.

the importance of full warehouse feeding

On the one hand, the full-load feeding of the crushing chamber of the Hydraulic Cone Crusher ensures the running efficiency of the supporting motor, and the material filled in the cavity can make the materials in the crushing chamber close to each other. After repeated crushing, the granular shape is more uniform and squeezed. In the case of full feed, the fracture of the laminate can be achieved, so that the final product shape is better. The cube has more granules. On the other hand, while ensuring the grain shape, the wear of the lining plate is also reduced, the wear is uniform, the local wear is not serious, and the wear is not performed elsewhere, which ensures the large-scale utilization of the lining.

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