Gypsum Crushing Plant In Pakistan

Gypsum Crushing Plant In Pakistan

Gypsum Crushing Machine

In 2017, no matter whether it is decadent, confused, embarrassed, helpless, bitter, it has quietly passed, welcoming the 2018 New Year. When the 18-year-old was 18 years old, the photo of the green smashed the circle of friends. After the approval of 00, it has become an adult. The Gypsum Crushing Machine The mining machine veteran characters are widely used. With the development of the times, the market and user needs are also changing. New equipment has been developed. Is your Gypsum Crushing Machine new?

Gypsum Crushing Machine structure update

The Gypsum Crushing Machine combines the overall structural design with the innovative process production, which is more convenient for operation and maintenance. It is mainly composed of flywheel, moving jaw, frame, eccentric shaft, bearing, side plate, bracket bracket, fixed raft, Locking spring, adjusting washer, pulley, etc.

Adopting non-welding design and applying cylindrical pin linkage, it effectively overcomes the shortage of stress concentration, and can also be disassembled, which is more convenient for transportation installation and maintenance.

Compared with the conventional Gypsum Crushing Machine of the same specification, the bearing specifications are increased, and the four bearing specifications of the moving jaw and the frame are the same, the types of spare parts are reduced, and the service life is also prolonged.

Gypsum Crushing Machine performance update

1. After the update, the Gypsum Crushing Machine starts to crush in the upper part of the crushing chamber, and the stroke to the lower part of the cavity will be larger, and the wedge adjustment is adopted for the discharge opening adjustment, which reduces the labor intensity and downtime of the workers. The user can select according to the needs. With hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port device, the efficiency is greatly improved, and the production capacity can reach 65-1250t/h.

2. In the work, the Gypsum Crushing Machine can continuously carry out the crushing operation of the material, and the number of failures of the intermediate equipment is also very small, which can reduce the maintenance cost and reduce the user investment cost.

3. Compared with the same equipment on the market, the new Gypsum Crushing Machine reduces energy consumption by more than 30%. At the same time, it adopts advanced dust removal and noise reduction devices to make the equipment have almost no dust and noise during work, which effectively improves the processing. The construction environment of the factory has also kept up with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection in recent years.

Gypsum Crushing Machine price

For SBM, the price of Gypsum Crushing Machine is cheaper than other suppliers. In terms of sales, we use our own e-commerce and direct sales under the line. The profit requirement for equipment is relatively low. It is economical, but it will be more than the traditional price. It is slightly higher and has more models, so the price may be a little bit different.

If you want to update the Gypsum Crushing Machine, welcome to SBM to buy, click on the online consultation to contact Shibang customer service, you can get an accurate quote, there may be unexpected gains in the New Year!

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