Granite Quarry Crusher For Sale

Granite Quarry Crusher For Sale

Extend the service life of the Granite Quarry Crusher rotor

With the rapid development of domestic infrastructure construction, the demand for machine sand is increasing, and Granite Quarry Crushers are being used more and more widely. Due to the huge gap between the technical and foreign equipment of the sand making machine produced in China, the critical service components such as the rotor seriously limit the working efficiency of the sand making machine. Therefore, how to choose a reasonable material and casting process is a very real problem.

The material that can be used in the rotor of Granite Quarry Crusher is high manganese steel, medium manganese ductile iron, low alloy white iron, etc. High chromium cast iron is the third generation wear resistant material, because its structure contains ideal M7C3 eutectic carbide. And it is easy to obtain martensite structure, which has great superiority compared with other wear-resistant materials, so it is widely used.

High-chromium cast iron is an anti-wear material composed of chromium as the main alloying element and supplemented with a certain amount of other alloying elements, usually containing between 12% and 35% of chromium. Most of the high-chromium cast irons belong to the hypoeutectic composition. They form austenite dendrites when they solidify, and then simultaneously decompose the austenite and M7C3 type carbides in a certain temperature range, which is enough to resist quartz. abrasion. Secondly, the carbide has a poor continuity of distribution and is thick in sheet shape, which has a weakening effect on the matrix, so that the cast iron can maintain high toughness, so it should be used in high chromium cast iron in the process of rotor process optimization. The purpose of obtaining martensite as a matrix is ​​obtained.

In addition to the high hardness, the Granite Quarry Crusher rotor liner requires a certain degree of toughness. Otherwise, it will be broken by the inertial force of the high-speed rotating rotor. Therefore, quenching and tempering are needed to improve its overall performance. High-chromium cast iron not only eliminates the stress generated during quenching, but also obtains a certain amount of tempered martensite. Therefore, the high hardness of the substrate is ensured, and the toughness of the liner is improved.

In the process of the Granite Quarry Crusher rotor, the composition of the high chromium cast iron is rationally optimized, and the scientific smelting, casting and heat treatment processes are used to achieve the sequential solidification of the casting, so that the comprehensive performance of the wear resistant liner can be obtained. Significantly played to extend its useful life.

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