Gold Ore Crusher For Sale

Gold Ore Crusher For Sale

Analysis of working principle of Gold Ore Crusher

The Gold Ore Crusher is an important member of Shanghai Shibang machine crushing equipment. It is mainly used for coarse crushing and fine crushing of various materials. It has the advantages of strong crushing ability, large crushing ratio and convenient maintenance. It is used in highway construction and water conservancy projects. It is widely used in fields such as gravel processing for construction.

The Gold Ore Crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. The crushing efficiency is high. What is the working principle? Now let’s learn this together.

The Gold Ore Crusher utilizes a plate hammer on a high-speed rotating rotor to generate high-speed impact on the material fed into the crushing chamber and breaks, and causes the broken material to be thrown at a high speed in the tangential direction toward the counterattack plate at the other end of the crushing chamber. After being broken, then rebound from the counterplate to the hammer and continue the process. During the round trip, there is also a mutual impact between the materials.

As the material is hit by the hammer, the impact with the counterattack and the collision between the materials, the material continues to crack, loose and smash. When the material particle size fish counterattacks the gap between the plate and the hammer, it is discharged.

If the material has a large particle size, the material is rotated when it is thrown, and the direction of the throw is δ the angle of the throwing direction. In order to make the block penetrate into the circle D of the hammer, the rotation is reduced, and the lower part of the feed slide is downward. Bending (see Figure 1-1). The main crushing process on the material is that the rotor is carried out in zone I. After the material receives the secondary impact, it is repeatedly thrown back and forth in the machine. At this time, due to local damage and torsion, the material no longer performs regular movement according to the predetermined trajectory, but repeatedly impacts at different positions in the I zone, and then the material enters the II zone and further impacts the pulverization.

The size of the gap formed between the counter-attacks 2 and 3 and the rotor has a certain influence on the particle size composition of the product. The increase of the crushing chamber affects the uniform particle size of the product and reduces the large particles, but the electric power consumption increases, and the production capacity is shrimp paste. It is usually used as a Gold Ore Crusher for coarse crushing, with 1~2 crushing chambers; for Gold Ore Crushers with fine crushing, it has 2~3 or more crushing chambers.

The Gold Ore Crusher mainly breaks down the material in three forms. It is freely crushed and rebounded and crushed in Zone I, and is mainly milled and broken in Zone II.

The above is the working principle of the Gold Ore Crusher. This equipment has many advantages and is a good helper for crushing all kinds of sand and gravel materials!

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