Copper Ore Beneficiation Plant

Copper Ore Beneficiation Plant

Copper Ore Beneficiation Machine wear parts

When the Copper Ore Beneficiation Machine is used in the production of mineral grinding, its wear parts are easily worn, and in order to prolong the service life of the wear parts, Xiaobian below provides you with some precautions for use and prolonged life. I hope to be with you. The grinding production brings some help.

The Copper Ore Beneficiation Machine is a kind of equipment with a wide range of industrial applications in the series of Copper Ore Beneficiation Machines. It mainly relies on the grinding chamber in the ore milling, and there are grinding parts such as grinding sleeves and grinding discs in the grinding chamber. These wear parts are easy to wear because they are in direct contact with mineral materials, so they reduce their service life. In order to increase the service life of wear parts, Xiaobian introduces several methods of using wear parts.

First introduced is the grinding roller sleeve of the Copper Ore Beneficiation Machine. The grinding roller sleeve is a kind of wear-resistant part mounted on the grinding roller. It is placed on the roller shaft and is in direct contact with the material for grinding and grinding the ore. The outer surface of the grinding roller sleeve developed by the company is a curved surface, and when we design the machine structure, it is generally ensured that the grinding of the mineral is only performed on one side of the outer surface of the grinding roller sleeve, and the other side is the center of the principle grinding disc. The side is basically in contact with the material, so the wear of the side grinding roller sleeve is relatively slow. When the inner side wear is severe, the user can stop the turning surface and use the grinding roller sleeve to change the outer side to the inner side to prolong its service life. .

In addition, the mineral grinding of the Copper Ore Beneficiation Machine requires not only the grinding roller but also the grinding disc. The grinding disc of the mill is composed of a plurality of small pieces of thick iron pieces which are fixed on the tray by bolts or other fixing means to form a protective film, and the ore material is carried out on the protective film. In the mineral mill, the wear of the block disc is different because of the different forces during the grinding of the minerals in different positions. When the user finds that a piece is seriously worn, the specific wear part can be stopped and replaced. Instead of replacing all the grinding discs, the service life of the overall grinding disc is extended accordingly, and the replacement cost of the wear parts of the user is also reduced, and the economic benefit in the grinding production is improved, which is a good design with multiple advantages.

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