Coal Processing Plant For Sale

Coal Processing Plant For Sale

Coal Processing Machine maintenance

The Coal Processing Machine has obvious advantages. It has the advantages of large crushing, good quality of material damage and uniform particles. Therefore, it plays an important role in mining and metal smelting, but it is not a material. For the grinding process, in general, the Coal Processing Machine sold on the market cannot have a breaking strength of more than 320 MPa.

Since the Coal Processing Machine has such a wide range of applications, in order to extend its service life, it is necessary to do daily maintenance and repair of the equipment, so that it can be used frequently. Let’s take a look at what the necessary basic care needs for a Coal Processing Machine.

First of all, in order to ensure that this series of Coal Processing Machines can perform the grinding work normally, in addition to understanding the relevant operating guidelines, its maintenance should be carried out regularly, such as mechanical inspection, component adjustment, etc., according to actual use. The situation to reasonably arrange the strength of maintenance, the current maintenance for it is mainly divided into minor repairs, medium repairs and overhauls, etc. The focus of the three repairs is also different. The minor repairs mainly include inspection and repair adjustment devices, etc. It can be carried out once a month, and the middle repair is based on the work of the minor repair. In the inspection of the lining, there is also a replacement of the core components inside, such as a thrust plate. The maintenance is very professional. It is recommended to find high quality. The maintenance company will complete it, and the overhaul will be much more extensive, and everything should be considered, such as replacing the eccentric shaft and replacing all the worn parts.

Secondly, the Coal Processing Machine needs to be equipped with a supporting device to be able to grind the material. Therefore, the installation needs to be careful. First, the foundation is leveled, and the model of the Coal Processing Machine is analyzed according to the installation diagram of the supporting device. After the components are installed, the screen box is tilted at a certain angle. If it is only placed horizontally, the broken material cannot be separated.

Finally, as long as the Coal Processing Machine is inevitably worn out, it is necessary to regularly oil up and replace parts. Only the correct scientific mechanical adjustment can fundamentally extend its service life.

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