Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant For Sale

Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant For Sale

The specific function and principle of Asphalt Mobile Crusher

The Asphalt Mobile Crusher is an important step in the primary crushing process in the beneficiation process. During the entire beneficiation process, the material has to be crushed several times before it can reach the required size. Therefore, the whole beneficiation process is extremely complicated, and the types of beneficiation are also different. Different, there are Asphalt Mobile Crusher stone, grinding equipment, screening and grading equipment, washing equipment, magnetic separation equipment, etc., depending on the type of mine, there are different types, let us talk about mobile crushing This crushing device of machine stone.

In the whole Asphalt Mobile Crusher, different crushing equipments are selected due to the size of the material at the beginning and the size of the required finished materials. The different principle structures of the crusher determine the difference in the broken products. For example, in the crushing process, the hammer crusher uses the continuous high-speed impact of the hammer head and the low-speed rolling to crush the material. The structure of the Asphalt Mobile Crusher stone is relatively simple, the crushing is relatively large, and more importantly, the hammer crushing The hammer function of the machine is more important and there is damage. Therefore, maintenance and maintenance should be carried out regularly during production to extend the use time of the Asphalt Mobile Crusher hammer.

Asphalt Mobile Crushers are generally used as secondary crushing, but this is also flexible. If the customer wants to be directly crushed, it is also allowed. It is mainly used as a secondary crushing. First of all, it is divided into two types, PF and PFV, both of which are crushing devices that use impact energy to crush materials.

After the material is crushed by the first stage, it enters the silo of the Asphalt Mobile Crusher, and the material is subjected to the high-speed impact of the hammer. The crushed material is continuously thrown onto the counter-attack device installed above the rotor, and then rebounded from the liner. The action area of ​​the hammer is counter-attacked, so that the different crushing chambers are loaded with materials of different sizes. After the material enters the counter-barrel, it is uniformly crushed into a standard size, and the Asphalt Mobile Crusher stone is broken.

In the production process, it also has problems of large and small. Due to the high speed operation of the bearing, the temperature will be too high, and the stone will emit a knocking sound when the Asphalt Mobile Crusher is broken. The following problems are better for these problems. It is recommended to stop working in the middle and clean the broken stone. Also check the tightness of the lining and the gap between the hammer and the lining to replace the broken one in time to ensure the normal operation.

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