Lead Ore Grinding Mill

Lead Ore Grinding Mill

Lead Ore Grinding Mill Remanufacturing

“Lead Ore Grinding Mill remanufacturing” in the manufacturing industry is a strange, but also familiar with the hot phrase, “remanufacturing” in today’s difficult market adjustment process, was given a high attention and expectations. Whether it is from the global emission reduction calls, or the government advocated by the circular economy, green manufacturing, automation and upgrading of the background, it seems that “remanufacturing” should be vigorous development and growth. However, as a manufacturer of Lead Ore Grinding Mill remanufacturers, only in recent years, some practitioners experience, talk about the reality of remanufacturing enterprises.

Manufacturing And Remanufacturing Are Clear

In China, for the remanufacturing market, the original Lead Ore Grinding Mill suppliers are reluctant to participate. In 2014, the Green Industry Alliance leaders, has tried to build a very large manufacturer of well-known Lead Ore Grinding Mill manufacturers to discuss the recovery of CNC lathe for remanufacturing matters. Because this type of Lead Ore Grinding Mill with parts standardization, design and process standards are uniform features, you can learn from “internal combustion engine” remanufacturing successful experience. The manufacturer is very interested in the repurchase model, but the Lead Ore Grinding Mill supplier is only willing to use the new Lead Ore Grinding Mill “replacement” old Lead Ore Grinding Mill way to repurchase the old Lead Ore Grinding Mill, and the old Lead Ore Grinding Mill and then at a lower price direct sales, Flow into the lower end of the market, the biggest benefit is to pull the sale of the new Lead Ore Grinding Mill, in line with Lead Ore Grinding Mill manufacturers the most basic and most primitive business interests.

But the Lead Ore Grinding Mill factory this approach is contrary to the concept of remanufacturing green energy. We can understand the concerns of the Lead Ore Grinding Mill supplier, after all, manufacturing and remanufacturing management model is very different, the enterprise is the most profitable economic entities, especially for small and medium sized Lead Ore Grinding Mill, so that manufacturers engaged in remanufacturing, the cost is much higher than The same product manufacturing costs, in the current policy environment, do not find a reasonable commercial impetus.

But for the remanufacturing enterprises, this part of the market space is also very large.

At present, Europe and the United States developed Lead Ore Grinding Mill re-manufacturing has become an important part of the remanufacturing industry, with a certain size and market, forming a better old logistics system. Lead Ore Grinding Mill remanufacturers through a variety of channels to recycle waste Lead Ore Grinding Mill, assess the value, redesign, manufacture after the completion of the “remanufacturing” label, re-enter the market. So we should have enough confidence in the remanufacturing market.

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